What is OPEB?

Useful Link: GASB 74 and 75 Summary

Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)

When it comes to OPEB, you want a partner who can help you make the tough decisions while reducing your liability and helping you stay GASB compliant. At Shenandoah Valley Group (SVG), we’re here to blend innovative solutions and product design with smart technology, customer service, and a OPEB mitigation strategy, and come up with a program that is sustainable for years to come.. We integrate medical actuary analysis with health insurance advisement and trust services, to give our clients the best turnkey approach of action possible in the OPEB evaluation marketplace. What we strive to do here at SVG is to make a very complicated and misunderstood subject such as OPEB, easy to understand.

When you utilize SVG’s services for your OPEB solutions, you benefit from the experience of a team of actuaries, trust experts and health insurance professionals who understand how to effectively communicate amongst one another to efficiently manage your trust’s assets, provide mitigation programs and ‘What If’ scenarios. And manage active employees’ and retiree’s, to bring down the cost of your health insurance program significantly, and much much more.

Our team of experts can help you develop a turnkey solution that incorporates your unique needs with the old and new GASB compliant standards everyone must follow in order to create the most effective solution for you.

Personal Attention. Convenience. Innovation.

If those aren’t words you associate with employee benefits, OPEB solutions and retirement services, meet Shenandoah Valley Group. We’re bringing these into a new age.

This goal is being accomplished by:

  • Listening to our customers, plan participants, colleagues, and distribution partners
  • Never ending creative thinking
  • Innovative product design
  • Best-In-Class customer relations
  • Implementing smart technology

We use our expertise  to tailor unique and forward thinking solutions to your OPEB obligations.

No red tape. No complicated forms. Shenandoah Valley Group, intelligent approach to employee benefits, OPEB solutions and retirement, saves our clients time and money.

Here is the turn key approach we provide at Shenandoah Valley Group to help you with your OPEB evaluation


Health InsuranceOPEB - Shenandoah Valley Group

  • Help in development of fully/self-insured health care programs as it relates to OPEB.
  • Evaluate Financial Impact of Alternative Plan Designs for Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision Plans.
  • Help in examination of the Claims and Utilization reports, to help aid in predicting trends in the group each year.
  • Tracking and Evaluating of Chronic Disease Management
  • Request for Proposal Development and Proposal Evaluation
  • Assist with plan re-designs, and provide support for bargaining with employee groups


Medical Actuary Services

  • Optional what-if scenario modeling module, which provides insight into how various plan changes and policy decisions impact OPEB liabilities
  • Help groups determine which benefits they provide should be valued under Statements 43 and 45
  • Value OPEB benefits, and prepare exhibits and reports to be disclosed on an groups’s financial statements.
  • Provide consulting advice pertaining to the “pre-funding” of OPEB liability through a qualified OPEB trust


Trust Services

  • Recommendation of trustee selection, including review of and advice on schedule of fees and menu of services provided
  • Selection guidance in determination of trust structure
  • Analysis of group’s trustee and trust document needs

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