Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice - Shenandoah Valley Group


In theory, acquiring malpractice insurance is easy. But getting the best malpractice insurance for your premium dollar takes time—something you already have too little of in this day and age. Shenandoah Valley Group (SVG) is experienced in negotiating medical malpractice premiums with insurers and can work with carriers to develop group insurance premiums that offer you an advantage in both coverage and cost.

We work with professional health organizations (PHO), independent practice associations (IPA) and hospitals to produce a better, more customized insurance product that results in significant premium savings. In doing so, we are able to spread the risk over a larger group, and develop a premium price that is affordable and reasonable for its members.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition, because we work with all carriers in the marketplace, SVG has an unparalleled set of options and alternatives to develop a malpractice policy that works for your office or association.

Did you know we can become your broker of record at any time and all that changes is who you work with and the services you receive?